Collection: Metaversical III

Today, the Metaverse caught a glance of itself in the mirror and understood, a little better, the nature of reality. Spanish artist Antonio García Villarán has translated that glimpse of insight into three unique art world mashups. These metaversical pieces embody this confrontation between physical reality and digital art.

Metaversical exhibits two identical originals from two different realities. It’s normal for a physical artwork to precede its digitization. In the Metaversical series, the digital artwork precedes its physical artwork re-creation just as Platonic metaphysics describes the form as preceding the object.

So, which do you believe holds the most value? Which do you prefer? Which is the "true artwork?" Antonio Garcia Villarán aims to empower the collector to make this decision and inform us all as we move toward a Metaversical world.

Make Your Choice

The auction winners will have the option to trade their NFT for the physical artwork created by Antonio if desired. The work not chosen by the auction winner will be kept by Antonio Garcia Villarán and displayed at his exhibition in Spain from October 13-16 (Vanagloria exhibit) The trade can occur only once.