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Antonio García Villarán

Alicia rêve

Alicia rêve

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Texts: Nuria Mosque of Haro

Technique of realization: Inks and anilines applied with hemp, nibs and brushes on 320 gram papers, 250 gram Peruvian paper and recycled gray cardboard.

Binding technique: Accordion with cardboard cover. Measurements: 23 cm X 15 cm.
Number of pages: 14

Date of realization: May 2013

Description: Book composed of a poem written by Nuria Mezquita de Haro, author of You feel of loveY They masturbate, poetry books published in Cangrejo Pistolero Ediciones. It is written and illustrated by Antonio García Villarán, who has also designed and carried out the binding work. The typography used is also drawn with different graphic techniques, using different types and measures that expressively join the images as part of a whole.

Synopsis: ALICIA RÊVE is a dream poem that immerses us in the world of dreams and magic, creating images that are impossible for the reader and promoting second and third readings of the same text. It is a metamorphic, singular and unique book.

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